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It is in our estates that Ripa de Teti oil is born and grows.

All located in Ripa Teatina and surroundings. Here are the estates of the Teresio Luigi Mariani farm:

Tenuta Loredana

Ripa de Teti oil was born in the estate named after my mother, Loredana Di Sipio. It consists in 0.6 hectares approximately with 129 plants of different cultivars: Dritta, Taggiasca, Leccino, Frantoio, Leccio del Corno and, above all, Gentile di Chieti.
The estate, which is located behind the current headquarters, was purchased in 1907 by my great-grandfather Pantaleone Di Sipio, who decided to invest his savings from the years of emigration to the United States in what he considered a good deal.

Tenute Ripa de Teti

Tenuta Calvi

Calvi Estate (so called in honour of the estate’s previous owners) is located in Francavilla al Mare, a few hundred meters away from the company headquarters in the municipality of Ripa Teatina. The property is about 1.8 hectares consisting of 266 plants.

Tenuta La Torre

La Torre Estate (so called because of the presence of a watchtower) is located in the municipality of Ripa Teatina and it consists of 0.4 hectares approximately with 43 plants.

Tenuta Nicoletta Mangifesta

Nicoletta Mangifesta Estate (so called in honour of my maternal grandmother) is located in the same municipality and it is about 0.23 hectares consisting of 25 plants.

Tenuta Vincenzo Mariani

It is important not to forget Vincenzo Mariani Estate (so called in honour of my father), a land of about 0.3 hectares with 37 plants located in Ripa Teatina.

Tenuta Rancicone e Tenuta ‘Gidio

In October 2020 the company expanded by planting 355 olive trees in some plots of land belonging to my maternal family in Ripa Teatina. The two-year old plants are Cultivar Leccio del Corno, Razza Leccio and, naturally, Gentile di Chieti, which is typical of th area.

Rancicone Estate, a few tens of meters away from the headquarters and Loredana Di Sipio Estate, measures 0.4 hectares with 110 plants; ‘Gidio Estate is almost 1.2 hectares with 245 plants on the hill in front of the company headquarters.
The names of these estates originate from the dialect of Abruzzo, typical of Ripa Teatina, whose origin is lost in the mists of time.

Fey Estate and Zancanella Estate

The Fey Estate (4,915 square metres) and the Zancanella Estate (899 square metres) are the small terraced plots of land overlooking the village of Pont-Saint-Martin. Our Iroas Nebbiolo wine is produced there using a mixed pergola and row rearing system.

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