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L'Azienda agricola Teresio Luigi Mariani
ulivi italiani

How the farm was born

In July 2019 I decided to go from the region where I was born, the Aosta Valley, to my ancestors’ region of origin, Abruzzo, in order to relive the raison d’être of their life and the love for the countryside. I did it by setting up “Teresio Luigi Mariani” farm in my mother’s village, Ripa Teatina – on the hills surrounding the city of Chieti – and by launching the brand “Ripa de Teti”.

Although the concept of my company is based on modern criteria, I do not ignore my maternal family’s inspiring agricultural tradition, which is alive since 1907 thanks to my great-grandfather Pantaleone Di Sipio. He purchased some pieces of land and parts of the rural house which are now used as the headquarters of my company, after they have been restored and expanded. The activity was then carried on by my grandfather Attilio Di Sipio.

As a lover of Made in Italy and Abruzzo, the so-called “Green Region of Europe” due to its natural parks and its many protected areas, I cannot conceal my passion for cooking. This means I firmly believe in the local and traditional cuisine which makes exclusive use of the products of this land.

Nowadays, this local love meets with the consumer’s expectation to be not only aware of what he eats, but especially well-informed about the producer and the product’s origin. It is for this reason that both knowledge and the revaluation of the territory are fundamental in the process of creating a specific food supply chain and tourist industry.

Therefore, my concrete idea consists in obtaining the right combination of both a tasty and healthy product, starting from a key element of this land and cornerstone of our Mediterranean diet: the extra virgin olive oil!

My oil boasts the peculiarity of having a very low acidity and high content of polyphenols with positive biomedical effects at cardiovascular level, on diseases related to senescence and on cancer diseases prevention.

In October, the olives are pressed (milling) immediately after they have been collected during the beating harvest, that means within 24 hours, in a local olive-press with a continuous cycle and cold pressing. In this way, all their organoleptic characteristics are preserved unaltered until consumption. As a result, the obtained oil can boast both a rich and “Gentle” (“Gentile” in Italian) taste, gentle as the predominant variety of olives from which it is produced and… as the land of Abruzzo!


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