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Ripa de teti


Ripa Teatina

The municipality of Ripa Teatina represents the core of my farm because my maternal family has lived there since the second half of the 19th century.

Ripa Teatina has a millenary history, in fact there was a settlement called Castrum Teate in Roman times. This settlement defended the town of Chieti, known as Teate da Teti, the mother of the mythical Greek hero’s Achilles. According to the legend, Achille founded the town and named it after his mother.

People referred to the town as “Ripa de Teti” in medieval times. This name originated from its topographical location: it is called “Ripa” because it is situated on the top of a hill with steep slopes; “de Teti” not only for its proximity to Chieti (Teate, i.e. city of Teti), but also for having always been an outpost for the city, as they were fully integrated.

Considering the brand at an iconographic level, it is represented by a defensive tower and a hawk.

On one hand, the tower honours the municipality of Ripa Teatina, which is the core of the company. In fact, it is located in the historical centre of the town (it was built in the 15th century by the Aragonese sovereign Ferdinand I as a connecting element of the walls that surrounded the castle of Ripa) and it has been chosen as the main symbol of the village in the 17th century thanks to its beauty and grandeur.

On the other hand, the hawk expresses the power of determination: in fact, it represents my strong determination to reach my goals and my being enterprising, resourceful, hyperactive, dreamer and passionate.

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